Class Antwrap::AntTask
In: lib/ant_task.rb
Parent: Object



executed  [RW] 
logger  [RW] 
project  [RW] 
taskname  [RW] 
unknown_element  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Creates an AntTask taskname

  -A String representing the name of an Ant Task. This name should correspond to
  the element name of the Ant xml task (e.g. javac, jar, war, etc).


  -An instance of an AntProject


  -A Hash of task name/values to be applied to the task.

For example:

  antProject =
  antTask ='javac', antProject, {:debug => 'on', :verbose => 'no', :fork => 'no'})

Public Instance methods

Add child as a child of this task.

Sets each attribute on the AntTask instance. :attributes - is a Hash.

Invokes the AntTask.

Displays the Class name followed by the Task name -e.g. AntTask[javac]