Class Antwrap::AntProject
In: lib/ant_project.rb
Parent: Object


basedir   method_missing   name   new   to_s  


ant_version  [R] 
declarative  [RW] 
logger  [RW] 
project  [R] 

Public Class methods

Create an AntProject. Parameters are specified via a hash: :ant_home=>Ant basedir

  -A String indicating the location of the ANT_HOME directory. If provided, Antwrap will
  load the classes from the ANT_HOME/lib dir. If ant_home is not provided, the Ant jar files
  must be available in the CLASSPATH.


  -A String indicating the name of this project.


  -A String indicating the basedir of this project. Corresponds to the 'basedir' attribute
  on an Ant project.


  -A boolean value indicating wether Ant tasks created by this project instance should
  have their execute() method invoked during their creation. For example, with
  the option :declarative=>true the following task would execute;
  @antProject.echo(:message => "An Echo Task")
  However, with the option :declarative=>false, the programmer is required to execute the
  task explicitly;
  echoTask = @antProject.echo(:message => "An Echo Task")
  Default value is <em>true</em>.


  -A Logger instance. Defaults to

:loglevel=>The level to set the logger to

  -Defaults to Logger::ERROR

Public Instance methods

The Ant Project‘s basedir. Default is ’.’

The Ant Project‘s name. Default is ’’

Displays the Class name followed by the AntProject name

 -e.g.  AntProject[BigCoProject]